Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Question Day!

Thanks for visiting and have fun answering these. I love reading the different answers :)

1. Have you made plans to make this weekend and healthy one??

2. What did you have for breakfast?

3. If you had your choice to be any where in the world today where would you be??

4. What time of day or day of the week do you have a harder time sticking to your healthy living plan?

5. I watched Disney Cars 2 what was the last movie that made you smile?

Hope your having a great Wednesday!


  1. 1. I haven't made any plans yet, but I would like to get in some exercise, maybe play some tennis with hubby.

    2. oatmeal with PB2 and a banana, an egg, and skim milk.

    3. Bahamas

    4. Afternoons are hardest for me. I think it's because I'm tired and worn out by that time.

    5. We Bought a Zoo

  2. A friend of my MIL want to cook with me :) so thats my Saturday plan, she want to see all the prep madness

    The usual :p oatmeal and egg whites

    Right here, right now

    When I get home at night

    I used to be a big movie buff, I hardly ever watch them anymore... Can't remember

    Hope your having a great Wednesday!

  3. I would be there in Canada visiting you!!!!
    Or better yet... you and me could go on that Cruise and wave goodbye to everyone that didn't come along!

  4. 1. I've got 2 runs planned (friday and sunday) and a good soak in the mineral hot springs scheduled. Should make for a good weekend.

    2. A banana and some dark chocolate chips.

    3. Moved to NYC already and starting to settle in. The anticipation is killing me!

    4. I suck at turning off the food at night. So dangerous... It's not eating for satiety. It's eating for lack of sleep. two detrimental things.

    5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. So clever. So video game-y. It appeals to every ounce of nerd inside me. :)

  5. 1. planning to get my kayak in the waater this weekend, Had 2 good swims already and plan one on friday.
    2.whole wheat tortilla with 1T. almond butter aqnd a banana rolled like a hotdog.
    3.Here on my farm in White Hall md. Planting today with my dogs and a cat in the sun
    4- witching hour for food 4 to 5 pm... :(
    5. Puss n Boots