Monday, April 30, 2012


A pretty short post because I'm really tired! I slept maybe 3 hours last night, I was up all night coughing.

I got some great news today. First I went for a test at my vascular surgeons. For those that don't know I had 2 stents put in a major artery at the top of my right leg because it was pretty much totally blocked. Well the left side has signs that it will need a stent one day too. Anyway after the test today and visiting with the Dr he said the left side and shown no more blockage that it did 3 years ago. Great news. I don't have to go back for the next test for another year :) Oh and I asked about taking calcium because someone else had told me that if you have bad stenosis you shouldn't take calcium because it increases the risk of a stroke especially in women. He said that I definitely should be taking calcium. He also said that the way my body produces scar tissue has in no way affected the stents :) So good news all around.

After that fun I went to my favourite health food store to pick up some supplies. The to Starbucks to get a coffee.

Back on the bus to the clinic to see about this bronchitis I've got. I guess the last antibiotic didn't work so they prescribed a new one plus an inhaler so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight.

I did manage to to get 45 minutes of power walking and now the only thing I'm doing to visiting my couch :)

Today's nosh:

Pre-packed lunch which I ate all over town today!

Dinner: chicken breast, salad with home made balsamic vinaigrette, green beans with bacon and a glass of wine

Back tomorrow!!


  1. Yay... great news... no more blockage. I bet that feels great. Hope you continue to get back to your old self. Way to go getting a power walk today in even! Nothing can stop you!


  2. Wow, great news! Now to get rid of the bronchitis - maybe if we got some nice, warmer weather??!!
    Sorry I've been AWOL!!
    Get better soon!