Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Planning really does help!

Although we are still dealing with the passing of our niece I'm choosing to blog as usual because that is what will keep me on track.

This morning I didn't want anything heavy as I knew we were going to the mall and I'd already planned on getting a baby burger and a small fry. Water on the side. So I made a banana split using greek yogurt, strawberries, banana and sf chocolate drizzle = 5 points

I had planned what I was going to have for lunch before I went to the mall! So a baby burger and a small fries was what I had with some water from home on the side = 13 points The only disappointment was that the baby burger just had a smear of ketchup on it so it was very plain. Next time I'll as for lettuce and tomato. I'm still glad that I planned what I wanted.
One strange thing was that when I went to the A&W in the mall no where on there menu could you see baby burger. But when I ordered it they indeed had one?? I do have to say that some of the things I looked up had astronomical calories and fat and sodium!!

I didn't really want to exercise outside because of thunder/lightening and rain I decided to do some mall walking while we already at the mall. We ended up walking for an hour. When I got home I also did some stair climbing. I really need to get an eliptical.

Dinner was some cheesy chicken with stuffing, beets and beet greens on the side = 8 points

Honestly if you're doing Weight Watchers this blog has amazing recipes!! Some of which I'll be making soon.

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