Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Question day!

Once again it's question day!

1. What is your favourite summer fruit recipe?

2. Do you plan your week? Your food? Your exercise? Fun??

3. Do you have any fur babies?? Their names?

4. What kind of flours do you use to cook with??

5. Have you tried coconut water? What do you think??


  1. I really don't have a favorite fruit recipe, however I do enjoy all the fresh fruit that is abundant during the summer. I do enjoy a good fruit salad.

    I do plan my food. Not only does it save money when grocery shopping, but keeps me on track with healthy meals. Unfortunately I have not been doing very good with my exercise. I'm going to work on that, promise.

    We have three cats. Bessie, Boo and Baby. They are all rescue cats. Bessie is Baby's mommy. The plan was to get one more, but when we saw them, we didn't have the heart to separate them.

    I primarily use white flour. I know..........bad. I do sometimes use whole wheat.

    I have not tried coconut water. Does it taste like coconut?

    I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. You give me such great ideas for meals. I started snacking on mini cukes and baby bell peppers because of you. Thank you!

  2. no fruit, no flour, no fur babies....
    no fun, either! Just work!

  3. No fruit recipes here either. I just love having good watermelon available. My favorite.

    I kind of loosely plan my food when it's just me and my daughter. I do make menus when I'm cooking for my husband so I can remember to get everything when we shop.

    No fur babies. Did not have the heart to get another after our Boston Terrier died.

    I have some white flour in my pantry which has not been opened in six months. I probably should throw it out.

    We bought one container of coconut water and hated it. One sip for me and one sip for my daughter and into the sink it went. Maybe if you mixed it with something? The price is around $2.50 here for a small container. That is enough to put me off by itself.

  4. 1. Love Berries: any kind. Love them in smoothies and love them covered in a low sugar sweet sauce made w/cream cheese, a lil' bit heavy cream and truvia...mmmmm.

    2. I am a planner. Funny thing is, I plan my meals better when I work at the office than at home!LOL!

    3. 1 fur baby: Mocki (Maltese)

    4. Almond Flour! It's gotta be from "Honeyville". The best ever. Low carb and taste fantastic!

    5. Coconut Water? Tried it, didn't care for it. I do love using coconut milk (low sugar).

  5. Hi Suzy, happy Question Day!!
    1) I LOVE home made strawberry mouse with grand marnier in the summer. So NOT point friendly, but so good!!!
    2) MOST of the time I'm a planner. Fell off the wagon since my surgery, but am ready to get back on.
    3) 1 fur baby - Neva aka: HRH Princess Neva of Willow
    4) I've recently tried spelt flour, and buckwheat flour. both were a nice change from my usual white or whole wheat
    5) Not a fan of coconut water at ALL!
    Have a great day!!!

  6. 1. Hmmm... Fruit pizza!

    2. Lately I have not been planning everything to a T. I just kind of go with the flow. I make sure to schedule a time in my day to workout though.

    3. Daisy and Dudley.

    4. White and wheat flours.

    5. I have. It didn't taste as good as I thought it would!

  7. I don't have a fruit recipe, but I love mixed berries. I also adore watermelon and that's my summer go to fruit. I don't plan my food much. It just doesn't work for me. I do plan my exercise because the chaos of my life takes over if I don't. We have one dog and a turtle, but she doesn't have fur of course. We use mainly whole wheat flour these days when we use flour at all. I've never tried coconut water. I'm not a huge flavored water fan.

  8. Any fresh fruit is my favourite!
    I've just finished planning for the coming week. I absolutely find this helps me a lot.

    One fur baby! Snuffy

    I've used regular flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, coconut flour and almond flour

    Thanks Laurie I'm so glad your getting some new ideas :)
    I didn't like coconut water when I first tried it but now I love it and it really is a great way to rehydrate after a workout.

  9. 1. Fruit salad
    2. No, but I should it would save me time if I did... oh well
    3. Jack the pug and Molly the Aussie
    4.I have almond, and oat but if I bake, I eat... then I gain... so no baking for me!
    5. No, it just seems weird... but I do love coconut, so I am not sure what my hesitation is all about??