Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And this is on my weekend :)


 11520 steps taken today
115% of goal of 10,000
 25 floors climbed today
250% of goal of 10
  • You have climbed: The La Danta Pyramid 
 4.92 miles traveled today
98% of goal of 5.00
 1697 calories burned
77% of goal of 2,218
 715 active score 
72% of goal of 1,000
  • Top Daily Step Badge
    10,000 steps
  • Top Daily Climb Badge

    25 floors
    And today isn't over yet!!

    I'm loving this fitbit :)


    Your main sleep patternasleep active

    Actual sleep time
    8hrs 30min
    Bed timeFell asleep inAwakenedIn bed timeSleep efficiency
    12:08AM7min7 times8hrs 51min98%


  1. Now if I could just learn how to put the stats on here!!

  2. Do you have a Mac? How did you get a screen shot? .... Time to call my kid and ask for his help!!!

    I am hooked on my Fitbit!!!

  3. My oh my you are a busy girl! Way to go! I must say, I am even more intrigued by this fit bit now.

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