Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heat wave!

We are definitely in a heat wave here! I did have plans for walking but I'm just going to be taking a rest day.

I'm going to sit in the only air conditioned room and read The 150 Healthiest Comfort Foods on Earth.

On Friday I'm going to send for my Fitbit, I can't wait to start using it. I'm even buying one for my daughters birthday :)

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: rice krispies, skim milk, raspberries, 2 Tbsp kefir and extra skim milk for coffee (no picture)

Lunch: 2 La Toritilla low carb tortillas with light cheddar cheese and lifestyle ham. Sofrito relish on the side. Veggies and light hidden valley ranch dressing and 1c unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon

Dinner: A pasta dish that I through together quickly! Lean beef, macaroni, roasted peppers and peas :)

Lots and lots of iced green tea, iced coffee and water

I've been spending a lot of time today in my air conditioned living room so I've been catching up on my blog reading.

Wow so many different ideas about how to be healthy. It's mind boggling. Eat meat. Don't eat meat. Count calories. Don't count calories. Carbs are bad. Carbs are good. Fat is good. Fat is bad.

My mind is so confused right now.

What are your thoughts??


  1. Whatever works for me. That's my take on "no fat, count, don't count, carbs, no carbs". Whatever will get you to that point where it all becomes a way of life & makes you a healthier person.

    Me, I stick to low carb because it works for me: low carb, not no carbs (heck, I just had a chocolate ice cream cone & the cone part isn't low carb). And I stick to it because it's the only way to keep blood sugar & insulin in check (unless I want to go on insulin).

    Enjoy the air conditioning!

  2. Just eat foods in the most natural state possible and in reasonable portion and not worry so much about the composition.

  3. I had to find the foods to exclude from my diet, then I found success. It took a long time, but knowing what not to eat has made all the difference.

    I think making your own food template in combination with your over all health, weight , lab work, medical conditions and even age makes all the difference.

    I wish I would have excluded grains and processed sugar long ago, but better late than never. Stay cool. :)

  4. you know what I think.
    EAT WHATEVER and listen to what your body shouts after.
    make notes.
    tweak accordingly ;)


  5. Hi Suzy, your heatwave has made news out west. UG! Hang in there!!!