Monday, June 18, 2012

I couldn't last a week!

Yep it's me again I just couldn't stay away from blogging. This week may be hit and miss with posts though.

Today I need to run to the post office to get some stamps and mail a couple of things. Then I went for a tan. It really does help my psoriasis which is getting out of control!

After that a quick lunch and I hopped on a bus to meet my walking group. First I stopped at Starbucks to pick up a double espresso over ice with sugar free mocha shot and a bit of non fat milk. Yummo!!

Ralph has a friend over and they always order Chinese food which I'm definitely going to stay away from!!

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: oats, 1 egg white, 1 Tbsp ground flax seed, blueberries, pecans, 2 Tbsp kefir and 1/2c skim milk for coffees

Lunch: veggies, fruit, yogurt, light ranch, light old cheddar cheese and extra lean deli ham

Dinner: Instead of Chinese food I made some Blue menu mac and cheese with some veg and a banana berry baked oat singles. I substituted fruit for chocolate chips this time :)

I'm also going to have a glass of wine tonight!

Total points used=27

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  1. MMMmm coffee! I'm actually going to try n' forgo all sugar free drinks for a month! Can anyone say "impossible" :) EXCEPT for, you guessed it, coffee!!

    Had a cold espresso myself this morning :)