Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm just a walking fool!

No time to sleep in this morning!

I needed some help going over some government papers so my friend picked me up early to go over them together before I had a meeting.

So that I wouldn't get hungry while I was out all day I packed my own lunch and ate it while I was out :)

I did stop at Starbucks to pick up an iced americano with sf vanilla and a splash of skim milk. Definitely going to get that again!!

Then I walked through my favourite park before meeting up with my walking group. Altogether I walked an hour and 35 minutes. So day 1 completed towards my 5 day working out goal this week.

Back home to eat dinner! For some reason the meatloaf was really dry but the loaded mashed potato cakes and the broccoli were delish. Recipes don't always work out :(

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: egg, bacon, strawberries, low sugar oj, 2 Tbsp kefir and skim milk for coffee = 8 pts

Took with me: veggies and grapes, pepperoni bites, pizza sauce and lots of water!! = 7 pts

Dinner: meatloaf, loaded mashed potato cakes, broccoli and 1 tsp butter = 9 pts

Now I'm off to relax and I'm going to have a rum and diet cola :) Cheers! = 3 pts

Total pts used = 27


  1. All of those meals look amazing! I'm going to try the Pepperoni Bites one!

  2. I've been to that Gazebo!!!! The pictures of your food always makes my mouth water!

  3. Looks like the points are working for you :) nummers

  4. I love Waterloo Park as well! Such a beautiful space for walking, picnics, and observing the wildlife!

  5. LOVE all the pictures!!!!!!!! Have a good Tuesday Suzy

  6. Walking your way to a more fantastic you, that's for sure. I have joined you in your 5 day challenge and although I am not walking I have completed day 2 of Zumba and am ready to go for day 3 today. As always great pictures, your food makes me a little hungry LOL.