Friday, July 20, 2012

How times change

Last night I was making up a grocery list for tomorrow and as I looked at it I was thinking how different that list would have been a few years ago!

This is what is on my list to pick up in the morning:

  • cucumber, peppers, kale, green onions, apples, avocado, tomato
  • blueberries, bananas, ginger, strawberries and pineapple
  • dubliner cheese
  • frozen spinach 
  • greek yogurt
  • eggs, egg whites
  • ezekiel bread
  • chicken tenders
  • tuna for us and for Snuffy!
  • almond breeze
  • shrimp
  • coffee
  • green tea
  • popcorn
  • turkey
  • 2 frozen dinners for the hubs while I'm at work
  • bragg amino acids
  • agave
  • vitamin D
  • folic acid
  • honey
  • protein powder

This is what would have been on my list years ago:

  • chips and dip
  • pop
  • frozen fish fingers
  • ice cream
  • popsicles
  • bananas
  • white bread
  • poptarts
  • sugar
  • chef boyardee
  • macaroni and cheese (we still have it but not every week)
  • muffins
  • fries

I'm not kidding each and everyone of those would have been in my cart! Every week!

Believe you me I do feel a lot better for not each that stuff.  In fact I upped my water intake yesterday and today and I'm already feeling so much better. Sometimes you just don't realize how much better just a few changes will make.

I didn't all of a sudden decide I was going to change my eating. It was definitely baby steps and it took quite a while to figure out what foods I liked and what ones I still don't like :)

Now I'm off to get ready for work.

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: greek yogurt, raspberries, banana, slice of toast, 2 tbsp kefir and almond breeze for coffee

Lunch: chopped veggies, chilli dressing, tuna and my iced tea for today ;)

Snack: green monster (kale, frozen spinach, banana, pineapple, protein powder, blueberries and water)

Took to work: apple, dubliner Irish cheese, protein drink (not shown)

After work: a glass of wine :) Friday is usually the busiest day at work and I do have to say I enjoy a glass of wine after!


  1. Good job on that healthy shopping list!

  2. It has been the same for me. I've gradually switched from a lot of processed foods to more natural foods. The Irish cheese sounds wonderful. :)

  3. I just made a blog post about eating healthy and how my couponing is affected.

    It's amazing how we don't even realize how unhealthy we eat until we make a commitment to change our diets.