Thursday, July 26, 2012

I must be getting old!

Honestly it seems everyday I'm forgetting something or other!!

I had planned to have some chipotle tuna with my lunch but did I have it?? Nope, totally forgot about it. I also forgot a couple of ingredients I had meant to add to my stirfry tonight.  Wow I guess I'm going to have to start making myself little post it's.

What I did remember to do today was to get at least 10,000 steps in. In fact, right now I'm at 12,401. I'm pretty happy with that. Since it was raining today I power walked in the mall :)

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, blueberries and strawberries with agave. Slice of Ezekiel toast, 2 Tbsp kefir and almond breeze for coffee

Lunch: plums, 2 cheese sticks and home made juice made from beets/kale/lemon/apple/cilantro/Thai basil, pineapple, carrot and ginger

Snack: fibre one bar

Dinner: quinoa and stir fry made with broccoli/kale/peppers/carrots and shrimp, stir fry sauce and chili oil


  1. I'm always forgetting where I put my keys and/or my sunglasses. I forget what I came into a room to do. Still, I'm kind of holding it together for now.

    I'm impressed with how much you walk each day. I have a hard time getting to 10,000 steps and don't do it very often. :)

  2. Sometimes I forget ingredients, too! No worries - your food looked delicious none-the-less. :)


  3. Wow! Your food always looks so good! It's colorful, healthy, and looks delicious.

  4. I AM OLD :)
    Im always waking with new injuries from just living life :-)



  5. You are doing great. I like have greek yogurt for breakfast myself. I really like Chobani greek yogurt.

  6. You are doing fantastic!! And wouldn't say you're old, just busy. I forget little things all the time... Just curious but how do you make chipotle tuna?? It sounds good. Anyway, you are doing great, keep it up :)

  7. :) I found a new tuna by Clover Leaf called chipotle! Sounded interesting and I still haven't opened the can.

  8. Happens to us all Suzy. A friend and I were just lamenting how we are forgetful lately too. :) Your day's menu looks fantastic. Have a wonderful Friday!!!

  9. Hmmm... maybe somebody swiped your tuna when you weren't looking? Something to think about, oh, and it wasn't me!


  10. omg I am always forgetting things, so much so it is embarrassing!!