Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 7 Fasting!

This morning I had to do something I hate to do. Not eat!!!!! Or have coffee. Sad smileI did however take a coffee with me.

I needed to have some blood work done for the new Dr. and I also needed to get a mammogram done. What I ended up doing was blood work, heart test and no mammogram because I was sent to the wrong place!

I walked a bit to the clinic then on the way home I was 30 minutes early for my bus so I walked around the mall a bit. I also got off the bus a bit early and walked. As of 11 am this morning I already had 5535 steps!

This afternoon Ralph and I went for a bike ride. I lasted 50 minutes before the heat got to me. I did see a bunny rabbit but Ralphs bike scared it away.

Guess what this weeks focus was at Weight Watchers getting in extra movement! I think I’ve done pretty good so far.

Today’s nosh:
Breakfast: 1c shreddies, 1c almond breeze, blueberries, extra almond breeze for coffee = 7 pp

Lunch: 2 tortillas, light cheddar cheese, very lean ham, tomato and melon =  5 pp

Dinner: 1c whole wheat pasta, veggies, light herb and garlic cream cheese, a splash of non fat milk, whole wheat dinner roll, 1 tsp olive oil margarine = 10 pp

Snack:1/2c pineapple, 2 mini pineapple coconut muffins, 2 glasses of wine = 13 pp

  • Points plus target: 26
  • Points plus used: 35
  • Weekly points used: 9
  • Weekly points balance: 30
  • Activity points earned: 5
  • Activity point balance: 16
  • Steps so far today: 8970
  • Calories burned so far today: 1898
  • Water:  9 cups and still time to drink moreSmile


  1. Yep! Missing out on my coffe is even harder for me than fasting these days! Bravo for riding your bike. I'll get my blood drawn soon, fasting. I have to put post-it's on my coffee pot!!!! Lol.

  2. Your meals always looks so delicious and healthy! I find myself frequently reaching for the same go to meals, but you seem to have so much variety. Something to aspire to. ;-)

  3. I also did the 12 hour fasting thing earlier in the month. I missed having coffee the most. As soon as I left the lab, I headed to a bagel shop and got a big black coffee and a bagel to take home.