Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two of my favourite things shopping and walking!

Today I needed to go to my favourite store to pick up some tortilla’s that I LOVE!! 1 point and totally delish!

I also need to go to the Bulk Barn which is actually a pretty good walk away from the first store. So off I went. I needed some extracts and some food colouring, as well as some dark cocoa. I also found some new spices :) lemon chipotle and jalapeno. I also grabbed some regular chipotle because I'm nearly out of it! Bulk Barn is definitely the place to get spices.
Today's exercise: 1 hour walking and 30 minute bike ride

Daily Nosh:

Breakfast: Suzie McMuffin and an orange 7pp

Snack: fresh juice with beets, kale, carrot and lime 1pp

Lunch: veggies, dressing, crumbled goats cheese, home made tortilla chips, grapes, iced berry zinger tea 3pp

Snack: Cake batter protein shake 4pp

Dinner: chicken salad, slivered almonds, salad, dressing, baked fries 8pp

Canadian club and cola cooler 4pp
  • water: 12 cups 
  • steps: 13,584 so far! 
  • points: 27


  1. Keep up the good work you are doing great! Love seeing your food...but at the same time it makes me hungry LOL!

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