Friday, August 31, 2012

Wow it’s hot!

What has gotten into me!  I wanted to be sure to get more biking and walking in today because tomorrow it’s back to work and I know I won’t get it in then. But right now it’s 90 without the humidex!!! Smile

Not really but I have all of a sudden had a blast of energy. I’ll take it.  Any day.

Today I really wanted to get a walk in the woods. So off I went after I put dinner in the crockpot. Shredded Mexican chicken. My house is going to smell divine today. I managed to walk for 50 minutes and then stopped at the bank and the grocery store on the way back home. Don't mind the red face I always get that when I exercise.

I also needed to go to the other bank to put $ in for the rent. So off on my bike I went which meant I managed to get 30 minutes of biking in as well.

Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: 1/2c egg substitute scrambled with cheese, a sprinkle of chipotle, whole wheat english muffin with pineapple jam and some blueberries on the side. Almond breeze for my coffee 6pp

Snack: fresh juice with carrot, apple and swiss chard 1pp

Lunch: ham, veggies, peach and home made tortilla chips 2 pp

Snack: orange cream cooler 5pp I had to experiment a bit I ended up adding 1 tbsp vanilla sf ff pudding and adding some guar gum to thicken it! It did taste really good :) Maybe next time instead of the ice cubes I'll add frozen banana! I love experimenting.

Dinner: Mexican shredded chicken, Large tortilla, veggies, salad, salad dressing 6pp

Cupcake red wine 7pp while watching a movie Winking smile

Water: 12+
Steps: 15,424
Points used: 27

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  1. Putting something delicious in the crockpot and heading out for a hike sounds like the perfect day! I am going to do this. I always forget about my crockpot! But I remember how awesome it smells when I walk in after it's been crockin up something delicious. Btw, my face gets red too when I work out!