Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Chinese buffet!

Happy Halloween

That's right today I'm not only dealing with Halloween but also a Chinese buffet.

That’s o.k I have a plan. I’ve been to the same Chinese buffet many times and I’ve figured out what works for me. My plate had lots of veggies, some shrimp and some chicken with no sauce or skin. I had 1/2 a small bowl of hot and sour soup. My second very small plate had fruit on it. That’s it. I enjoyed it all and I’m satisfied and I never leave with any guilty feelings. Pictures below.

I also had to walk a bit to get to the restaurant and on the way home I got off of the bus early and did W1D2 of the C25K. It was pouring the whole time :(

I had so much fun doing the dishes today. That's right. I said it. I can only do dishes if I'm listening to music. This morning Ralph was still in bed so I was doing dishes with the sound pumped up and every time I heard a zumba song I'd dance and every time I heard Pink I was singing. O.k I was singing with all of the songs :) You should have seen my Gangnam dance. O.k maybe it was a good job you didn't.

I have no idea why I'm in such a great frame of mind today. Or maybe it was from all the vitamins in that awesome fresh juice yesterday!

Rant for today:
I was reading a blog (sorry can't remember which one doesn't really matter) today where the blogger said well you know you're going to have a least one of the treats you're handing out. Right after reading that I just kept reading other blogs. But the statement just kept coming back to me. Now I have absolutely no problem with anyone who wants to eat some of their treats if that's what they want to do. I do have a problem with someone saying yes you are going to eat the treats your giving out. No I am not going to have any because I know that one small treat will lead to many many more and that is not how I want to remember this Halloween! I'm also skipping by all the unhealthy "healthy" Halloween treat recipes online. Yes they may be really tasty and o.k for some people but for me they just turned that switch on that I want left off. It honestly doesn't bother me what other people do I just don't like them to presume what I will do. O.k end of rant :)

Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: 1 egg, Canadian bacon and a pumpkin scone (no sugar, no flour), 1 tsp sugar free strawberry jam 0pp

Lunch: 0pp

Dinner: a bowl of leftover Italian wedding soup and a small whole wheat bun 0pp

I'm going to have a glass of wine after the trick or treaters have been. 4pp

Total weekly points used: 4pp
Weekly point balance: 38pp

Oh Snuffy says have a safe Halloween! <3 I can't believe he's already 12 my little luv bug!


  1. Interesting post. I figured I would end up eating a mini candy bar or two tonight. I never really drew a hard line in my head about NOT doing it. But after reading this I realized I am probably being too lax.. too often lately. And I am going to draw that hard line tonight.

  2. Good for you! I just know what sugar does to me and I feel a lot better without it.

  3. I am so impressed with your willpower at the buffet. I find Chinese buffets to be really tough for me, even if I go in with a plan. Way to go! I am not having any halloween candy tonight. I purposefully bought candy I do not like and so far it hasn't bothered me one bit.

  4. Your pumpkin scone looks delish! Can you share the recipe?

  5. Hey Deb could let me know your e-mail?? watrmlon at gmail dot com

  6. I didn't have any treats! So no, I didn't just have a treat. Like you, one would have led to another.

    Nice eats!!


  7. There is no way on God's green earth that I could go to a Chinese buffet and only eat what you did! That is amazing, good job

  8. The more often I do it the easier it gets. The hubs though......

  9. You did great at the buffet!! Great job! Yep, just stay away from the breaded stuff and saucy stuff and it can actually be healthy.

    Eek - a black cat on Halloween! :D