Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly weigh in

Well it was a bit windy but no rain when I got up this morning so I decided I would go to my weigh in. I may have looked a bit strange all bundled up when I went out but I really didn’t care!
I ended up listening to my C25K app on my phone and did the Week 1 Day 2 on the way to the meeting.

After the meeting it poured so I got soaked. Never mind I stopped at Starbucks to have a coffee with Jen. I love that we get together most weeks.

These guys were actually swimming against the stream and having a blast.

At weigh in today I was down –1.9 . I’ll take that. Any time.

I also stopped at the store I usually buy my k-pods from and got a great deal, 24 mandarin spice herbal tea pods fro $6.60. I see quite a few iced teas in my future. I also found a 5 calorie apple cider pod. Yep little things that make me smile.

When I finally got home I made some fresh juice and added some Amazing Grass Green Superfood. It has wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, broccoli, chlorella, maca, carrot……and more! On top of the juice I made Winking smilejust call me super woman!!

Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: 1/2c egg scrambled, 1 slice light bread toasted, 1 tsp sugar free jam and almond breeze for coffee 0pp

My weight watchers meeting is at 12:15 so I usually take something small to eat there because I don’t get home until 2 or so. Today I took 2 apple pie protein muffins 0pp

When I got home I made a fresh juice with beets, carrots, apple and ginger plus I added a packed of Amazing Grass Green Superfood 0pp

Dinner: orange sesame chicken, brown rice, broccoli and a tsp of olive oil 0pp

After dinner: glass of wine 7pp


  1. Congrats on the loss!! And yay for W1D2 of C25K! :)

  2. Well done. Stay safe out there.

  3. Nice going on the loss at your weigh in today... good meeting subject this week, did you think?

  4. Do those muffins taste as good as the name makes them sound? They look pretty good.

  5. They are actually really good! Even the hubs liked them. Now they're in the freezer :)

  6. Elle I did!! It's so true that we have to stop and take time to assess how we're doing and what we might need to tweek!
    Thanks guys for your comments they motivated me :)

  7. Congrats on the loss Suzi. I too will be C25K-ing this week. Take care as the storm passes in your neck of the woods. Hugs

  8. Wonderful job on the loss! I love that C25K program.

  9. I will call you SUPER DUPER WOMAN! Rock on!