Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back to business!

Someone forgot to let Snuffy know that it’s daylight savings time and he woke me an hour earlier than I need to get up! Get with the program Snuffy :)

Today I decided to do another C25K workout. Week 2 Day 2.  Pretty cool day today but as long as I’m dressed right I don’t mind it at all. Notice the stink eye cats give me? :)

Look what Fitbit sent me today:
Wow! You've earned the Skydiver badge!
You've climbed your way to skydiving elevation. That's 1,000 floors! Only 1,000 more floors until your next badge!

Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: Red Velvet Protein Pancake rollups, blueberries and skim milk for coffee 0pp

Lunch: Veggies, light cheese, juice (carrot, beet and ginger) I added a packet of Amazing Grass Green Superfood package 0pp

Dinner: Better than a big mac (it would have been 100% simply filling but I already had regular buns so I just used my weekly points for that), veggies, berries and yogurt 3pp This burger was seriously amazing!! I didn't have the Emeral's seasoning, I just couldn't find it so I used some Montreal Steak Spice.

Glass of red wine: 7pp

Total weekly points used: 10
Weekly point balance: 15


  1. Great job on the C25K! Your food looks great - glad you had a good weekend.

  2. That burger looks amazeballs!! (except I'll take mine without the onion). :D

  3. Snuffy is SOOOO cute. Love the pics Suzi. And love the look of those pancakes. Have a great Monday.

  4. Amazing pics, your Snuffy is too cute, just love him, the lunch and dinner is really healthy, and excellent to take on weekends., really an amazing burger!!!