Monday, November 26, 2012


That’s right today I was supposed to be playing bingo. Well actually not playing I was going to be volunteering at a bingo sadly I’m still sick and didn’t want to share it with anyone else.
Sad smile
One thing I was able to do was stick to the skinny snowman challenge.

I also went on a 70 minute brisk walk. My camera's battery died half way though :(

Five positive things for today:
I'm starting to feel a bit better!
Snuffy kept me warm
I worked out
I participated on meatless monday
Not having to work today which meant I could get lots of rest to fight this cold!

Update for the skinny snowman challenge:
  1. Lose weight or maintain weight during December - Weigh is official for me Wednesday
  2. Veggie serving with each meal - 15
  3. 3 fruit servings per day - 10
  4. Log food - 10
  5. Name 5 positive things about each day - 5
  6. 64oz of water per day and if you drink more you get more points - at 72oz so far: 10
  7. Meatless Mondays - 10
  8. Earned 5 pts for every 30 minutes of exercise to a max of 50/week - Done 10 pts 
Sunday points: 85
Monday points: 70
Total points so far: 155/450

Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: 1/2c egg substitute scrambled, light cheese, spinach, cherry tomatoes, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 slice light bread and berries 0pp

Lunch: veggies, fruit and a protein smoothie 1pp

Dinner: Baked turkey ziti, apple 0pp (I was going to have a salad but honestly my appetite's not back yet. There were a lot of veggies in the dish though)
Water: 72 oz so far
Exercise: 70 minute brisk walk
Activity points earned: 5
Activity point balance: 24
Weekly points used: 1
Weekly point balance: 23
Steps: 11,125 as of 5:45pm :)


  1. I get the best food ideas from you! I'm going to try the turkey ziti!

  2. That pasta looks awesome! I definitely need to try that recipe. :)

  3. youre rocking the snowman!
    hope youre feeling even better today....


  4. Feel better!!! Ziti looks delish!

  5. I loved baked pasta, but my Italian husband can't stand it - what's up with that? He doesn't like meatballs either!

    Feel better soon!!

  6. oh my word!!! that ziti looks soooo good!!! recipe please!! lol

  7. Just click on the words baked turkey ziti and it will take you to the recipe!

  8. I have only seen pics of Ziti and that sure looks like Ziti!

  9. I need to google what opp is. I love how you pic your meals. Nice challenge food goal distribution!

  10. I need to google what opp is. I love how you pic your meals. Nice challenge food goal distribution!