Sunday, November 18, 2012

Definitely not easy but I still enjoyed it!

C25K is what I’m talking about. Week 5 day 1 is definitely a step up from last week and by my breathing and sweat I know I’m getting a really good workout! Excuse the hair I don't shower before I workout :)

Not much else going on today, however, after last night at work I’m kind of glad for a mellow day. It was another crazy Saturday night shift. I even managed to get over 13,000 steps in.

Tomorrow is a Talent Show where I volunteer so that will be a lot of fun and straight after that I have a meeting. I’ll probably get some exercise in by walking partway to the Talent show and maybe to the meeting after.


Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: omelette, ham, cheese and berries. Almond breeze for coffee 0pp

Lunch: veggies, dip made with Greek yogurt and spicy fajita seasoning, banana 0pp

Dinner: teriyaki salmon, veggies, olive oil 0pp (Thanks to one of my customers bringing me fresh salmon. Oh my goodness soooo good)

Snack: home made pumpkin latte 0pp

  • Water: 9c
  • Exercise: W5D1 C25K with speed walking total workout time 60 minutes
  • Activity points earned:7
  • Activity point balance:22
  • Weekly points used: 0
  • Weekly point balance: 40
  • Steps:8187 so far


  1. That omelet looks delicious!

    Great job on Week 5!

  2. You're so cute!

    Great job on the C25K. How amazing does it feel to know you're pushing your body and doing all the right things?! It does get easier and it just keeps feeling better each time, too.

  3. I wish I liked salmon - I know its so good for you, but its a bit TOO fishy for me!

  4. You are a skilled omellet maker Suzi! Try as I might, mine generally become scrambed eggs. :) Glad you are enjoying C25K. Wish I could say the same....however, early days yet for me. Have a great Monday.

  5. Wow...your meals look so good! Their making me hungry. Nice job - your inspiring.