Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not such a good day

Since I don’t always make it to my meetings I usually put my home weigh in on e-tools. I just checked my weight watchers account and I guess they only charged me for e-tools which I’ve paid for until Dec 16. So I’m going to be doing my weekly weigh in’s at home until then. On the 16 or just before I’ll reset my account back to the monthly pass. I’ll then go back to the meetings. Doesn’t really matter as long as I weigh in. Saves me a few $ anyway.

Today I had a board meeting to go to but honestly I’m feeling pretty sick still today. I’m sick of being sick!!

I have actually been very surprised with how I handled being sick this week. Normally when I’m feeling this sick I crave comfort food/junk food. Candy cane ice cream comes to mind. I usually drink lots of tea but have a hard time getting water in.

Fast forward to this week. I stayed with my meal plan, I’ve been making sure I get enough water and I’ve even been working out. I find the fresh air really does feel good. I don’t know whether any of this is the reason I seem to be fighting the bug off better than I usually do or the oil of oregano but I’m doing better than I usually do when I’m sick. It feels so good to not lose control even when I’m not at my best!

Speaking of fresh air….I didn’t workout today. My stomach is a bit upset today and I really just don’t have the energy. UGH Sad smile

Five positive things for today:

I love the new Weight Watcher e-tools
My old slippers feel so good when I’m sick
Umm… this is hard today!!
A perfect cup of tea made by Ralph
Snuffy sharing the bed with me
Watching Ernest goes to camp :)

Update for the skinny snowman challenge:
  1. Lose weight or maintain weight – Weigh in tomorrow
  2. Veggie serving with each meal - 15
  3. 3 fruit servings per day - 10
  4. Log food - 10
  5. Name 5 positive things about each day - 5
  6. Meatless Monday’s – Done
  7. Earn 5 pts for every 30 minutes of exercise to a max of 50/week – 0
Sunday points: 85
Moday points: 70
Tuesday points: 40
Total points so far: 195/450

Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: Blueberry almond crunch baked oatmeal, carrots, balsamic vinegar, almond breeze for coffee 2pp

Lunch: veggies, grapes, shrimp 0pp
Snack: Apple - 0pp

Dinner: egg, Canadian bacon, potato, squash, 1 tsp olive oil, onion 0pp

  • Water: 8c and I had to make myself drink it today
  • Exercise: none
  • Activity points earned: none
  • Activity point balance: 24
  • Weekly points used: 0
  • Weekly point balance: 23
  • Steps: didn't put the fitbit on today I don't think running from my chair to the bathroom all day counts as much


  1. Hope you feel better soon!!!

    Good for you for keeping your food in check. I do think that it matters, so kudos.

    Karen P

  2. ok, I give in. No Snowman challenge for me!! I will pretend to be in the challenge to help me stay on plan, but I always forget to do all the calculating. Feel better

  3. Take care of yourself. It is hard to be on track when you are sick but you are doing fabulous.

  4. Hope you are back to feeling better soon. Nice that you're staying on track despite feeling bad. Hang in there. :)

  5. Sorry to hear you're still under the weather. :( Feel better soon!! {{{hugs}}}

  6. eating clean while sick?
    Hope youre feeling better...


  7. Hope you get to feeling better. Boy that oatmeal looked yummy :) might have to try it one weekend.

  8. Feel better soon...and you are such and inspiration keeping to your challenge even while sick!

  9. Jim Varney was the best! Earnest was awesome!

    Oh yeah, your awesome too!!!