Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick update!

I'm just relaxing and drinking as much water as I can. Stick coughing up a storm and I need to go back to work tomorrow.

5 positive things: flannel sheets, cough syrup, tea, hot soup and my phone may not work but my computer does!

I'll update for the challenge later. I'm actually getting some points in but not too many :(

Hope you're having a good week.


  1. Sounds like your body needs to REST! When it's in the lungs like that, it really does help to rest more! Don't be too hard on yourself! Hope you feel better very soon. Bronchitis is no fun.

  2. So sorry to hear you're still stick. :( {{hugs}}

  3. I love flannel sheets too. Hopefully, you feel better soon.

    :-) Marion

  4. I have not been counting points for the challenge, but it has kept me on track.

    I am Thankful for: blogging buddies :p

  5. Keep feeling better Suzi. Sending healing hugs (and virtual cough syrup) your way.