Saturday, November 24, 2012


Yep a very original title Smile

Got off of work an hour early last night because honestly I was still coughing and generally feeling pretty crappy!

I did start taking the extra strength oil of oregano yesterday and I do think it has started to work. My sinuses are feeling good, now it's just in my chest and my squeeky voice. Hopefully that will go too. Give it another day and we’ll see.

Today honestly all I did was stay in my pj’s, my old cardigan with a hood, my flippy floppy slippers and vegetate until it was time to get ready for work. It was so cold when I got up. In fact I'm still cold.

Today’s nosh:

Breakfast: 2 apple muffins, black cherry light yogurt, banana and blueberries 0pp

Lunch: veggies, light cheese, lean prosciutto, pear 0pp

Dinner: I’m going to buy chicken noodle soup at work which comes with a mini whole wheat bun and I’m taking some ham and cheese to put on it Winking smile 0pp
Water: 74oz
Exercise: none
Activity points earned: 0
Activity point balance: 11
Weekly points used: 0
Weekly point balance: 32
Steps: 10,421


  1. Thank you! I've been feeling better in the morning so hopefully it's a sign I'm fighting it off :)

  2. I hope you are feeling better by today Suzi!! Hugs!