Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stress, stress and more stress!

Last July a new owner took over our complex. I won't get into too much detail except to say there is some miscommunication between us. For some reason they don't think we're paying rent even though I've proved we are!! 

So on Friday 10 minutes before I was going to leave for work I get some mail stating that they're taking us to landlord and tenant court. OMG!!! We've lived here over 10 years and never had these issues before.

Anyway long story short we have subsidized housing and housing is furious with the landlord and between us we're trying to sort it out.

So much stress especially when it's the weekend and the holidays and I can't get in touch with anyone. Luckily I'm off to meet with our worker tomorrow and I have no doubt that it will be sorted out. 

Update: just talked to a neighbour and they've been getting those papers and the people beside them. Harassment it is!!

That is why I wasn't blogging this weekend. I'll let you guys know what happens.

Back to today:

I read something this morning and I'm sorry I don't remember where but it said that when you go into a store and buy something that you know is a trigger you are just buying it to binge eat it. Or something to that effect. What it meant to me was that if I go into the grocery store and think oh I could buy a packet of mini chocolate chips and just put a few on some banana oatmeal that is not really why I'm buy it, I'm buying it to eat the whole thing and you know what? That's so true!! I would indeed end up binge eating on them. Hit home.

Today I spent some time cleaning and doing a little organizing. Trying to keep myself busy.

Exercise for today: weights

Today nosh:

Breakfast: I made this for Ralph as well and he loved it 
egg, ham, potato, peppers, onions and 5% cream for coffee just 1 tbsp

Lunch: veggies, light cheese, light yoghurt, and a clementine 

Dinner: my favourite italian wedding soup, light bread toasted and 2 tsp light margarine 

After dinner: glass of wine


  1. Hope you get the rent stuff sorted out try not to worry to much.

  2. That is most definitely stressful! Glad you're not being singled out. Sheesh! Hope it gets fixed QUICK!

  3. That sounds horrific. Keeping my fingers crossed it gets sorted quickly.

    Your breakfast is giving me major food envy. I'll be having that tomorrow.

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  5. Ugh - I hope you get everything straightened out. Who needs that stress?

  6. What I find amazing is that we've been here over 10 years, never had a complaint against us and we pay our rent on time!

  7. I had that happen one time when we had lived in a place about three years. All of a sudden I get a call that I have not been paying my rent. Luckily I keep excellent records and I had all my canceled checks.

    Even with those in front of her though, the lady kept saying "her records" showed I had not paid. Eventually, we got it straightened out but it was definitely stressful. Sigh.

    Good luck with it all and Happy New Year!

  8. Ugh! Not a cool way to end the year! Hope they problem is solved quickly! Happy New Year!

  9. Boo to the landlord rent issue! I'm hoping and praying that you get it resolved QUICKLY!

    Happy New Year!

  10. i love fruit and cheese! i hope your situation works out girl that is crazy!!

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