Monday, January 14, 2013

Great start to the week!

No we still haven't resolved the landlord issue but we're hoping that will be done by next week.

Today was a fantastic day!! Well despite being freezing cold.

Started out with a fabulous breakfast of baked banana oatmeal with cocoa nibs and some Greek yoghurt on the side.

Then it was off on the bus to a meeting.

Before I got to the meeting I got off of the bus early so I could get 30 minutes of walking in! Loved this bag.

After the meeting I met up with my daughter Jen at Starbucks :) She brought me back goodies from  Mexico. Hot sauces and clear/medium and dark Mexican vanilla. Oh yeah these are definitely going to be put to good use.

Then it was off to meeting my walking group. It took me 20 minutes to walk there and then got some super speed walking done on the inside track where it was a lot warmer than outside.

Altogether I walked for over 100 minutes!! And I still feel like I could do more :)

When I got home this book was waiting for me. I won it over at

All in all a great day.

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: baked banana oatmeal with cocao nibs and Greek yoghurt, skim milk for coffee (normally it's berry baked oatmeal but I didn't have any berries)

Here's how I make this. I would just put a 1/4c berries instead of the banana and cocao nibs.
1/2c oats
1/4c almond breeze or skim milk
1/4c water
1 egg white
1/2 banana chopped
a few cocao nibs sprinkled on top
1 tsp baking powder

I pop this in my toaster oven for around 20 minutes at 350 or until nice and brown on top.

Lunch on the run: skim milk, Jillian Michaels chocolate protein, almonds and apple

Dinner: Multigrain baked fish fillets, salad with pc blue menu honey dijon dressing, McCain crinkle fries, one minute pumpkin cupcake with greek yogurt for icing!


  1. Phew! 100 minutes of walking! Awesome job!

    I hope you use that Mexican vanilla well and often. That stuff is delicious and it makes a huge difference in baked goods. Trust me. ;)

  2. looks great, Suzy. You are doing so well with your exercise. I wish I could catch up with you.

  3. That is a great indoor track! Wish we had one of those!!! Sounds like you got in a lot of walking today, even off the track! :)

  4. Oooo!!! indoor track! That's a luxury in these temperatures!

  5. I love the indoor track and today with the bitter cold weather it was busy :)

  6. That sure was a fun and great day with great food too.

  7. that cupcake is ADORBs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great job on the walking! And still up for more! Go girl!

    The first picture, the one of the mill is absolutely fantastic!

  9. I miss walking! I used to walk to and from the train station when I worked in Chicago - those miles add up!

    Fingers cross the landlord issue will be resolved and you can put it behind you!

  10. I love your photos! Where is that mill? It looks so peaceful.

  11. Mary it's in a park and yes it is beautiful