Monday, January 28, 2013


Sorry I haven't been around for a few days but after all the stress I needed a few days off.

So remember I told you I was having issues with the property management?? They sent us a letter 2 days after Christmas telling us that we were going to be evicted due to owing money?? Money that we never owed! I had bank statements that showed they'd cashed my rent cheques. Any way.... they then sent us notice that they were taking us to a landlord and tenant tribunal (court).
We are on subsidized housing and housing assured us that 1 to 2 days before the tribunal we would get a call cancelling it. Nope. On Wednesday I went to the tribunal with a friend for support. We got there and 10 minutes later they told us that our case was dismissed to which I kindly told them NO DAH we don't owe anything.

Thankfully that is all over now and I don't have to deal with my poor husband believing that we were going to have to move. Stress ++

Now back to regular programming.

This is the forecast for today. Not so nice, in fact pretty messy.

I made myself french toast with cranberry/blueberry sauce for breakfast. I'm starting to feel back to normal :)

I received some e-mails wondering how I was doing. Thanks guys. Glad you didn't forget me.


  1. Whew! So glad that is over for you now. How silly to take that to court when you had definite proof! Ugh!

  2. Welcome back and WOO HOOO on having that mess behind you! Glad it all worked out well!

  3. I'm glad that is over. I wonder how many people just move rather than fight them. Not good. :(

  4. Hurray!! Too bad you had to waste your time though. Your breakfast looks amazing!

  5. So glad it all worked out Suzi. So crappy you had to go through that in the first place!!! Have a good day today!

  6. Im glad everything worked out for you. It is still very stressful when you know you did nothing wrong but have to go through the whole ordeal. French toast looks good!

  7. Wow I won't complain about the weather anymore yours is way colder than mine!!! I'm such a wimp.

  8. Did, done and you were right and they were wrong. Hope that's the end of it now.
    We have warmer temps today but freezing rain all day/night/day but it's heating warmer ground so it hasn't turned into hard ice. Waiting to see what tomorrow brings for the buses. By Wednesday but to below zeros and wind. UGH!! Winter.
    I'm hpping things did turn out good for you all. And that french toast looks awesome. Tonight I tried a omlett...well it's more scrambled eggs. Learning.
    Have a blessed evening.

  9. oh babe... unneeded and unwanted stress... sucks

    cuddle up and keep warm