Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekly goals are back!

Quite a while ago I used to do weekly goals and surprise they definitely helped me to stay on plan! I'm bringing them back. I'm normally going to start them on Sundays so this week will be a shorter week than usual.

If you want to commit to a weekly goal let me know in the comments and when I post an update on Sunday let us know how it went. Bragging is definitely allowed but please don't feel bad if you didn't succeed there's always next week.

My goal for this week from today (Tuesday) till Saturday is to drink at least 8 cups of water a day! That's just 5 days!! You definitely don't need to do the same one I do but makes yours something that will help you. Don't forget to come back Sunday and tell us how it went.

Today was a very busy day. First I needed to go grocery shopping. When I have lots of healthy choices it makes it so much easier to stay on plan.

Then I needed to buy a new shower head. If I went outside and it was drizzling with rain I'd get wetter than standing under my old shower head :)

I also needed to buy new earphones for my new phone. I love my new Sony Xperia phone but the earphones that came with it are obviously for people with bigger ears than I have. They just kept popping out. When doing my C25K it is so annoying to constantly be putting them back in. So I bought some Sony sport earphones and they definitely won't be falling out.

We need to run to catch the bus to the mall this morning so I grabbed a packet of instant oats and chopped up a fig to have in it. Wow they sure don't give you much in one of those packets do they?? I also had 2 cups of water before I got to the bus.

While we were at the mall I decided to have a bowl on Tom Yum soup with shrimp! This is one of my favourite lunches. Oh and yes there was a bottle of water on the side.

Finally home and now I'm going to go try out the new shower head! Then since I'm still full from lunch I'm just going to have a simple dinner.

Ralph bought the movie Taken 2 today so that's what we're going to watch and I'm going to have a glass of wine :)

8 cups of water are done and the nights not over yet....

No walk today due to the amount of ice on some of the side walks hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: packet of high fibre instant oats with raisins and I add a fig to it. 5% cream for coffee and a bottle of water

Lunch: Tom Yum soup with shrimp from Thai express and a bottle of water

Snack: bottle of water, iced herbal tea

Dinner: veggies, pc blue menu honey dijon dressing for dip, Kashi cherry dark chocolate granola bar and a clementine, bottle of water

After dinner: glass of wine
# of cups of water so far = 8


  1. I love what you did with your herbal tea!

  2. I love the idea of weekly goals, I too used to do them but then stopped but sometimes think its good to have that focus.

  3. I love that soup! I need to make that at home, its so good.

    Great job on the water! I do great with water during the work week, it's the weekends that I sometimes have more wine than water! :D

  4. Weekly goal are so much easier to handle than that monthly one. It's already Wednesday afternoon so I'll join you for the water but won't count until next week to see what you have planned. I'm a copycat, not to original so following along works good for me. I'll try and remember to be back this weekend.
    Had a terrible day yesterday and I think lots more on it's way but have to take them a day at a time right now. Mama has leukemia and daddy was just diagonised with Aleheizers. Not a good day at all.
    Just sharing and more then I really planned, sorry.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. I hear you on the wine :)
    Julie I'm so sorry to hear about your parents! You're right to take it on day at a time "hugs"

  6. So that is a fig, eh? Never saw one. Cheers! Since I no longer drink wine (for now) I think you should raise a glass Texas way, every now and then!