Monday, March 24, 2014

Ongoing organizing

Well we've moved our bedroom to another room and wow it turned into quite the workout :)

Emptying one room so I could sweep and mop, then came the physical moving of the bigger items and today was spent organizing the stuff that was left after throwing out things that were not longer needed. Sure looks good!

We will also be getting new carpets. It's going to feel like a whole new place.

I had a meeting to go to later today and I got off of the bus early so I could get a 30 minute speed walk in.

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: Pc blue menu whole grain pancake mix which I added egg substitute and milk, banana, 1 tsp of maple syrup, bacon :)

Lunch: 2 tortillas, light cheese, chicken and some leftover coleslaw that was made with Greek yogurt

Ate at the meeting: small salad, 1 tbsp dressing, raw veggies, 2" piece of sandwich with a small slice of beef/veggies/mustard and my treat was a butter tart. No picture because I generally don't take pictures during meetings.


  1. I love to organize....although my house doesn't look it! ha ha ha

    New carpet...I'm so jealous. The carpet in my living room is atrocious! My husband and I are in a debate though. I want wood floors with throw rugs (washable...we have pets)...he wants carpet! We will see who wins!

  2. Glad the room move went well ... it does give a good opportunity to throw out items that are no longer needed.

    All the best Jan