Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekly weigh in!

Sorry I haven't been around the last couple of day but I was staying busy with work and with organizing at home. Still work to do but it's looking good :)

This weeks weigh in: -1.7 lbs

I worked out 5 times not including all the moving furniture
I stuck to my plan/menu including eating out at the mall
I drank at least 8 cups of water a day

Very happy with that. Any loss is a good week in my book!

Today I went on a 60 minute walk. I've got to start seriously training for the 10k walking race in May. Can't just do it the week before! I've also found a 5K walk for arthritis in June that I'm going to do.

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: banana split made with yogurt, cream for coffees 6pp

Lunch: tortilla, ham, egg, cheese, tomatoes 6pp

Dinner: blue menu shepherd's pie and peas, red onion/cucumber/tomato 8pp

After dinner: glass of wine 5pp


  1. Hey weight down again well done.

    Have a good week - I'm sure it will be a busy one

    All the best Jan

  2. Congrats on your weigh in!! Fun to look forward to future events.